Enhedslisten – The Red/Green Alliance

The Red-Green Alliance is a democratic socialist party with the aim of combining politics for social change with politics for solving the great environmental problems both on a national and an international level.

The Red-Green Alliance currently has 13 seats in the Danish Parliament (Folketinget), and is represented in 69 out of 98 municipalities and in all five regions. The Red-Green Alliance has one member of the European Parliament.

Where we stand

The Red-Green Alliance works to ensure a global society organized around shared democratic control over the economy, and economic and social equality across the globe. Production must be sustainable and function within the parameters of what the planet and people can bear. In order to achieve this, fundamental changes in the structure of the global economy are needed. Instead of globalization dictated by multinational corporations and governed by financial markets, we need political regulation and democratic control.

The Red-Green Alliance works for global solutions to global problems. But to achieve this, progressive forces in cities, countries, and regions need to be at the forefront. Global change will always grow from below as a result of pressure from a wide range of countries, cities, and communities. The Red-Green Alliance wants Denmark to be at the forefront of the fight for a more just world order.

The Red-Green Alliance aims to create a better society to the benefit of ordinary people. In such a society democracy will encompass the entire society, including the economy, and solidarity will include everybody. We hold that people and the environment take precedence over market and profit considerations. We believe that decisions should be made as closely to the citizens as possible, and that change should come from below. We believe that greater equality is the core of ensuring a sustainable and democratic society to the benefit of man as well as our planet.

With regards to the EU the Red-Green Alliance sees it as an instrument for neoliberal politicians to strengthening the market forces and capitalism to the detriment of democracy, the workers, the environment and nature, not an instrument for greater solidarity and equality.

About the party

The Red-Green Alliance was formed in 1989 by three left-wing parties: the Left Socialist Party, the Communist Party of Denmark and the Socialist Workers Party, and by independent socialists.

Today the Red-Green Alliance has more than 9000 members, and work closely together with the members of the Socialist Youth Front (Socialistisk Ungdomsfront) – of which many are also members of the Red-Green Alliance. The Red-Green Alliance has collective leadership, and Pernille Skipper is currently the political spokesperson.

Believing in building socialism from below the Red-Green Alliance put priority in social movements outside parliament – not least the trade unions, climate  and student movements. But the Red-Green Alliance also stands in national and local parliamentary elections, as well as elections for the European Parliament.

In the june 2019 parliamentary election The Red-Green Alliance gained 6,9 % of the votes and  13 seats in the Parliament, and is represented in 69 out of 98 municipalities and in all five regions. The Red-Green Alliance has one member of the European Parliament. In the 2017 local elections in Copenhagen the RGA became the second biggest party with 18,4 % of the votes.

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